Soft Services

Soft Services
We are All the services provide by Acuserve are focused towards bettering the environment you work in. we hold certain values and abide by them to achieve operational excellence.
  • We are not low cost driven, and work towards improving customer’s returns on investment.
  • We are not only quick but ‘ethically quick’. Which means, to complete a task quickly we do not take shortcuts or overlook other tasks.
  • We are process and technology driven. We use the best of machines, which are owned by us, and follow a strict process.
  • We innovate at each step that enables us to solve problems easily.
  • Our staff is of highest caliber and highly productive.
  • We measure our KPI to achieve our objectives.

Soft Services are best described as a service that makes an environment more comfortable, pleasant & secure to work in. Here are a few of the many we excel at:

Housekeeping Services

From basic to smallest things, nothing shall go unnoticed is our motto when it comes to housekeeping. Good housekeeping leads to low risks and hazards in the company, and sets the perfect mood to work.

Pantry Services

Pantry is a place that needs a lot of attention in order to keep the consumables germs and pest free. With our management you can be rest assured of good health and manage 100% attendance to work.

Specialized Cleaning (Carpet and Chair Care)

we take extra care of the décor used in companies. From chairs to carpets and frames to antiques, all placed well ready to welcome you and your clients to your workspace.

Industrial Cleaning

We use the latest products and equipment needed to clean industrial areas. Our staff is trained well to handle all kinds machinery, electric wires, hazard causing chemicals, etc. to safeguard their own and company interests.

Mechanized Cleaning

In our pursuit to deliver the best, we use a wide range of mechanized cleaning equipment for different cleaning applications. Our cleaning devices are completely reliable and provide a perfectly clean environment.