Property Maintenance

Soft Services

We, at Acuserve, pride ourselves in delivering quality maintenance and more tManagement han what is expected from us.

We feel the three attributes of our staff is:

  • Knowledge- Because without knowledge no work is done with quality. With the knowledge our staff holds, it makes it easy for them and even easier for you to get rid of big or small emergencies effectively.
  • Speed- if we don’t deliver on time and with the right speed the work is as good as not done. Therefore, understanding the value of your time, our staff is highly disciplined to meet your needs effectively and on time.
  • Gentleness- - we believe in doing whatever we do with gentleness. It makes things go smooth, without mistakes and hassles and therefore delivering fine quality of work. With gentle care also grows the asset value and increased efficiency.

This results in reduced exposure to risks and shortfalls, and longevity in the life of property assets. With our maintenance, you are free to concentrate on running your business knowing that we are committed to the job in hand and strive to provide a quick and reliable service that is expected from us.