• One Company. Multiple Solutions to your facility queries.
  • You take care of the business, We take care of you.
  • Continuously meeting your changing needs.
  • We believe working
    in synergy
  • Why Us: Global knowledge, Nationwide Presence, Multi Sector Experience and Strong Local Network.

The pinnacle of best service

Relationship is at the core of every business. We strike a balance between good service and relationship in order to deliver a complete package of personalized care. We understand your daily needs and what must be the best for you and the company.

Includes: Housekeeping Services, Pantry Services, Specialized Cleaning(Carpet and Chair Care) etc.

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Includes: Front Desk Support, Payroll Management, Statutory Compliance Audit etc.

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Engineering Services

Includes: Civil Services, DG Operations, HVAC, Fire Safety, BMS Operations, Operations & Maintenance

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Property Management

Includes: Pest Control, Refurbishment Services, Façade Cleaning, Landscaping etc.

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Some Interesting Facts About Us

Proven work management and staff processes to verify goals and benchmarks.
Successful Deals
Happy Clients
A Facility Management Company

Ensuring undiluted service, quality, consistency & healthy corporate ethics. 

About Acuserve

We are facilities provider, best in class. Our professional and caring staff is dedicated to delivering only premium quality and comprehensive services. Our proactive approach makes us the best in our practices.

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Our Core Values

Customer is at the heart of everything we do. The needs of our customer drive our passion to work towards it.
We believe our customers are not our clients, but partners. We strongly feel that we too walk a few steps with our partners on the path of achieving business success.
Our staff is a team that works in synergy to bring harmony to the work environment.

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Facilities & Capabilities

We provide our customers with the best suitable model customized innovatively as per their needs. We use the best sustainable technology with a simple motive of enhancing the asset values; develop healthy relationship on the basis of trust and save cost for our clients.

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